Jaime Raybin

VELOCITY is a simulated perfume store catering to sentient monster trucks.

This installation was done in collaboration with R.D. King at BasketShop Gallery in Cincinnati.

Intimate confessional writing is hidden on the back of the perfume tester strips.

The front of the shop is an upscale retail environment. Behind the plastic curtain appears to be some kind of employee breakroom, with a vending machine and an OSHA poster.

A cut-out portal in the vending machine reveals a video playing on loop. There is a chair for one person to watch the film.
“Ms. Bigfoot: A Fanfiction” is a six-minute film told from the perspective of an alienated teenage monster truck. The full movie can be watched here.

For the Ms. Bigfoot film, go here.

For our satirical monster truck teen magazine, go here.

2019 Velocity, BasketShop Gallery, Cincinnati, OH